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Combining safety, performance and reliability:

Manufacturing our first electric mining safety lamp in 1913, we have a deep rooted understanding of mine lighting requirements. This gives us a critical awareness of the need for reliable underground light, providing a reliable, safe and powerful light for the darkest of operating conditions.

No compromise on safety; Oldham lamps provide total safety; although no longer certified, the lamps have been designed and are still assembled to the stringent requirements of IECEx, ATEX, SIRA, and MSHA safety standards. 

No compromise on performance; Oldham lamps meet the daily performance requirements providing full illumination throughout the day’s working operations, enabling maximum performance for the operator.

No compromise on reliability; Oldham lamps work with total reliability, lamps with super long life in operation, giving the operator full confidence that they are using the best equipment available for working in hazardous environments.

No compromise on product longevity; Oldham lamps work with unequalled lifespan where customers report more than 1200 cycles in real applications. Minimising lost production due to lamp failure underground, the operator knows his light will work with total reliability on a daily-weekly-monthly-yearly basis, providing the lowest cost of ownership and unmatched return-on-investment.

No compromise – Oldham lamps combine safety, longevity, performance and reliability for the user, for a positive impact on daily, monthly and yearly operations.