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With one hundred years of providing light for miners, Oldham Halo lamps have been pioneers in the industry with innovations such as prefocussed halogen bulbs, low-maintenance lead-acid batteries, and precision focussed optics. Synonymous with quality and safety, and continuing this long heritage, Oldham Halo lamps lead the way for the brighter miner, providing the first ATEX/MSHA certified lithium-ion battery pack, high-power LEDs and now a software programmable DLi cordless caplamp for the ultimate in variable specification to meet customer requirements. Whether hard-rock or hazardous mines, the Oldham Halo caplamp meets every demand for safety, productivity and longevity in the most rugged and harsh of working environments.  

Oldham Halo caplamps have been sold to more mines in more countries around the world than any other competitor product, and are the preferred miner’s lamp in many countries.

In addition to mining applications, the performance, longevity and low cost of ownership of Oldham Halo lamps has resulted in their adoption for use in many other areas.