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Single lamp and 10-lamp chargers


Single lamp and 10-lamp chargers

Too little attention is given to caplamp chargers, with many manufacturers and users opting for the simplest method of delivering an unregulated or uncontrolled current to a caplamp battery, allowing the battery’s own internal resistance to determine the rate of charge acceptance.

Through intentional design, validated with more than 10 years field experience, the Oldham Halo range of micro-processor controlled chargers has demonstrated their value in returning lamps to full charge in the fastest time possible whist maintaining the batteries in optimum condition for increased lamp availability, and enhanced shift and lifetime longevity.

With a digitally calibrated enhanced microprocessor charge control board at the heart of the charger, each charger unit is delivered pre-set for the appropriate battery technology employed. If necessary, a simple change of DIL switch settings can activate other charge profiles if there is a change of battery types in use, and in the event of a major technology change, the main PIC can be replaced for new processor controlled charge regimes.

Suitable for use with either 110v or 220v AC mains supply, the chargers are built in an earthed steel case. The chargers sense the battery connection to the charger and analyse for 5 seconds before starting the first stage charge, which commences at 2.5 Amps constant current. When the battery reaches 75% recharged, the microprocessor switches down to a constant potential float charge until the battery is 100% charged. When the battery is fully charged, the charger then switches down to a “sleep mode” where the battery is held in a fully charged condition. There is an over-time protection to stop the charge cycle if a fault with the battery occurs. The entire charge cycle is processor controlled for each individual lamp, ensuring that the battery is brought to full charge in the fastest time possible for maximum up-time availability, whilst also ensuring that peak battery condition is maintained for maximum shift and lifetime duration.

The standard charger is for 10 lamps and can be assembled into a double-sided 60 position charging rack. Single lamp chargers and 17-lamp charger racks are also available.

Within the latest safety regulations, chargers are now considered to be an integral part of M1 and M2 lamp certification, and the Oldham Halo chargers are available to these specific requirements. Operators should check and ensure that their chargers meet the requirements of regulations in their country for full safety compliance.

Unique in terms of the charging contacts used, chargers for the DLi cordless caplamp are available in single lamp, 5-lamp, 10-lamp and 17-lamp formats. For added versatility, a USB powered charger is also available, which can be connected to a laptop/PC or vehicle 12v power supply, meaning that a fully charged lamp is always close at hand. Adapter kits are also available to convert any existing chargers to accommodate the DLi caplamp.