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Queens of the Coal Age

With a heritage in mining lamps that spans more than 100 years, we‘ve been privileged to work with the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, supporting their new production, “Queens of the Coal Age” A true story, telling the events in 1993 when a group of four women took a stand in the face of overwhelming odds and the political will of the Conservative government of the day, protesting at the forced closure of the Parkside Colliery. Sneaking into the pit, they refused to come back up to the surface, and created a media sensation highlighting the plight of the mining community,

Mining camaraderie

Miner’s camaraderie; the same all around the world – There’s a common thing amongst miners; an intimate level of trust and camaraderie that stems from the reliance each miner has upon his colleagues for safety in one of the world’s hostile and dangerous working environments. That level of trust extends into the vital equipment that is used every day, essential for safe working conditions and protecting the miners from risk and danger. Amongst that equipment sits the Oldham miner’s caplamp; trusted to work day-in, day-out with total reliability and supreme performance. MSN recently shared a collection of