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AE9 and AE16

The AE9 and AE16 lamps share characteristics and specification with the D-type lamps, with additional safety protection to meet M1 standards for coal and gassy mining applications.

Product Description

A-type lamps – M1 certified: AE9 and AE16

To meet the increasing requirements for safety, the LED lamp has been certified to M1 standards for coal and gassy mining applications.

The characteristics and specification of the A-series mining lamps are identical to the D-type lamps, providing a tight focussed across a 4.5 degree arc and peripheral safety lighting over 120 degrees with the added safety and security of M1 approval.

The rugged battery and headpiece design support longer life expectancy, even in the harshest environments. The battery is designed to be completely maintenance-free giving reduced lamproom maintenance requirements, and the maintenance-free “A-type” headpiece virtually eliminates lost production and downtime due to a failed light source.

With 53 lumen output focussed over 4.5 degrees angle, there is high intensity light concentrated in the operator’s field of focus and attention.

LITHIUM-ION BATTERY, TYPE E9 and E16 – M1 / MSHA certified

Again, meeting the requirements of M1 standards, the E9 and E16 batteries are based upon their L-type predecessors with working capacities of 9Ah and 16 Ah to provide high performance lighting for a full 8, 10 and 12-hour operational shifts.  Lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from “memory effect”, and so the full battery capacity is available every time after a full recharge. Additionally, the lithium-ion batteries have low self-discharge rates which give extended shelf life if stored during mine down-time. With a dual internal charge control circuit, the battery has higher levels of operational safety during charge and discharge than any other battery offered in the market today.

For maximum longevity, the battery should be recharged on a charger that is specifically programmed for this technology. 

Product Specification

Number of LEDs - 2 (1 main, 1 auxiliary)

Main LED rating - 4.1V-3W 53 lumens ~ 12 hour shift

Auxiliary LED rating - 0.08 watts

Type of cable - Flexible twin core short lay polychloroprene sheath

Max. beam intensity over 4.5* - 10,000cd

Angle over which intensity is not - 120°

less than 1 candela 

Burning time with auxiliary light - 500 hours

Fuse rating - 3A

Length of battery (at base / at lid) - 111 / 152 mm

Height of battery terminals / cover - 95 / 125 mm

Width of battery - 55 mm

Battery case & cover material - Polycarbonate

Nominal battery voltage - 4.20 v

Number of cells - E9 – 4 cells / E16 – 8 cells

Working Capacity to - E9 - 3.7v 9Ah / E16 – 3.7v 16 Ah

Total Lamp Weight - 0.960 kg

Maintenance NONE – maintenance free